नेपाल सरकार
अर्थ मन्त्रालय

महालेखा नियन्त्रक कार्यालय

निवृत्तिभरण व्यवस्थापन कार्यालय

त्रिपुरेश्वर, काठमाडौँ

प्रमुख गतिविधिहरू

  1. Pension Distribution:
    • Management of monthly pension distribution to the retired civil, police, Army and teachers through more than 250 branches of different commercial banks all over the country.

    • Make reimbursement of pension amount to the concerning banks as per their monthly statements.

  2. Traditional religious functions:
    • Management of traditional religious functions like; daily worshipping of god and goddess mainly in Hanuman Dhoka premises.

    • Make available of animals for sacrifice mainly in the temples of Hanuman Dhoka Durbar area and some other temples of different gods and goddesses during in Dashain Festival and other ritual occassions.

    • Make available the necessary fund for special Jatras (Celebrations) of different gods and goddesses occurred in every twelve years.