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Pension Management Office (Former Kaushi Toshakhana Karyalaya) manages the records of retired employees (civil, police, Army and Teacher) and is responsible for payment of their monthly pension amount.

सबै सूचना

Pensioners Data

Educational Allowance 20864028.00

Lifetime family Pension 598546471.00

Retired Employee 3633189945.00

Other Allowance 572880.00

६५ र ७५ उमेर बीचको पेन्सनर


७५ र ८५ उमेर बीचको पेन्सनर


८५ भन्दा बढी उमेर को पेन्सनर


आ.व. अनुसार बजेट बिनियोजन तथा खर्च विवरण (रु. लाखमा )

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